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Our Services

Renewable Energy

SJ Global Investments Worldwide Ltd have partnered with industry leading experts and are currently working on delivering one of the largest, hi-tech agriculture based solar energy projects in the worldwide.

Software Development and Smart City Solutions

We build world class software solutions for corporates and Smart City Solutions for Governments.


SJ Global Cars is a subsidiary of SJ Global Investments Worldwide Ltd which caters to the African and Asian markets with quality and reliable automobiles from Japan and UK. SJ Global Cars has the vision to be the largest and the most reliable automobile suppliers to the African and Asian region.

Clearing and Forwarding

SJ Clearing and Forwarding venture is the solution for any clearing and logistics complications faced by our valuable customers around the globe. We are eligible to connect with any shipping lines to provide our customers a reliable service from receiving the cargo to port of destination, clearing the cargo and delivering products smoothly and ensuring the safety of your cargo.

Travel and Tourism

SJ Global Investments Worldwide Ltd have investments in the tourism and travel related businesses. This includes bookings for flights, hotels, travel tours and activities.

Infrastructure and Construction

SJ Global has 50% ownership of Atconz construction company, a specialist construction company undertaking projects in the Middle East, Gulf States and Africa.

Property and Development

Property and Development

S J Global manages a property portfolio and works with developers and funders to see projects taken from architectural plans to finished development.

Education and Training

S J Global Academy is an innovative and forward thinking global education and training institution with access to experienced teachers and professionals at the forefront of their disciplines. Our mission is to develop, support and grow education and training, which will release potential and achieve outstanding success for learners wherever in the world.

Media and TV platform

S J Global TV Broadcasting, Film Production, Magazine publication & Publishing platform offers a unique range of carefully targetted media services in “Connecting Africa to the World” where domestic, corporate and commercial sectors of Africa will enhance and benefit from all aspects to provide the essential link to media communication.

Financial services hub

S J Global financial services platform offers algorithmic trading operations in conjunction with iTrader International. Directed by a professional and experienced team, the trading operations provide established relationships with traders and through informed and superior screening of iTrader graduates.

Business & Financial Consultancy

•Preparation of business plans
•Strategic planning on the goals and objectives of your organization
•Sale or acquisition of business and the related due diligence
•Financial models
•Investment advisory in cooperation with expert business partners



Analyze The Opportunities

A detailed review of the prospects for a product within the respective potential market.