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About Us

Private Investment Firm that invests in small to large businesses, mergers and acquisition.

Professional Expertise

S J Global Investments have a wealth of talented individuals covering varying sectors, so we can always count on someone with relevant expertise.

We Will Help You And Your Business Develop.

Entering a Joint Venture agreement with S J Global Investments, means we are here to support you and your business growth and present opportunities that may otherwise not have presented themselves.

Great Support

In every way that you need, we are here to support you and your business.

Global Opportunities

With our global presence and contacts, we can help your business grow both nationally and internationally.

Business Matching

We can help you find the right market place for your business.

Developing Your Staff

Through our S J Training academy we can run bespoke staff development courses and monitor the effects.

Read The Story Behind
Our Success

SJ Global Investments Worldwide Ltd is a private venture investor, which specialises in investing capital and time into corporations, small and medium enterprises, and new startups through share consideration, along with specialising in establishing company-owned subsidiaries that are grown and developed by entrepreneurs and business minded individuals.

SJ Global Investments Worldwide Ltd has interests spread across a number of sectors globally and locally. These include commodities and financial instruments, mining, renewable energy, software development, automobile, clearing and forwarding, travel and tourism.

The corporate Headquarters are in London. The Company has offices in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, USA and Australia.

SJ Global Investments Worldwide Ltd works in partnership to unlock value by:

  • Providing long-term capital for development, expansion, optimization and acquisitions.
  • Providing support in strategic and corporate development.
  • Combined expertise of the senior partners in different sectors including operations, negotiations, finance and business strategy.

The aim of the founders of SJ Global Investments Worldwide Ltd is to promote corporate social responsibility through philanthropic activities in Africa and other less developed nations. Through their activities, they are able to empower less fortunate individuals to improve their lifestyle, education and health.

Our Team