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Kristina Fields - Chief Executive Officer | S J Global Investments


Kristina Fields is the Chief Financial Officer for S J Global Investments. Being multilingual Kristina oversees all financial matters across our jurisdictions.
Kristina has played a key role in securing many significant contracts across multiple sectors and is a key part of the company.

Kristina travels regularly and has a broad knowledge of the procurement process in many countries. An avid learner committed to self-development, Kristina takes the time to understand cultural norms that underpin and define business development structures. This has enabled her to “talk the same language” as a number of prospective clients with her securing and closing the deal.

Born in Slovakia, Kristina came from humble beginnings and despite this, she immersed herself in learning and rose above her circumstances. It is this level of tenacity that has enabled her to play a critical role in the rise and success of S J Global Investments by creating and managing a successful team.

Implementation in business is key and Kristina has a proven track record of delivering. As a believer in philanthropy, outside work Kristina is an advocate for women in business and charity work. She currently supports several not for profit organisations and using her business knowledge she is an advisor to these organisations and helps steer them in the right direction.

Kristina Fields - Chief Executive Officer | S J Global Investments
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