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Our Chief Financial Officer Kristina Fields wrote a guest blog for Wealth Tribune recently. She was asked about Covid-19 and how she thinks it will affect business. Here’s a snippet of what she wrote. 

It is just a little under 5 months since the UK entered lockdown on 23 March and life changed dramatically for us all. Phrases such as “new normal” “social distancing” and “Zoom conference” soon entered our vocabulary along with “Furlough”, “Covid-19” and “Government daily briefing”. Life changed with working from home and greater use of technology to allow us to do so.


Government backed financial schemes for businesses included measures such as “Bounce Back Loans” introduced at short notice by the Treasury in conjunction with the banks and financial institutions permitted to offer them. Survival of businesses, individuals and the economy became key, with billions pumped into the system by a Government and Treasury determined that UK Plc would come through the period able to continue without a return to austerity and the social hardship measures of the previous decade.

It really is a fantastic read. If you’d like to read the full post on Wealth Tribune’s website, please click here

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