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S J Global Investments Announces Semi-finalists for The Company’s Young Apprentice 2020/21 Programme

We have now proceeded to the next phases with the company revealing our 7 semi-finalists out of hundreds of applicants.

We started the S J Global Young Apprentice programme to encourage entrepreneurship and excellence amongst youth.

We’re immensely proud of how far along the programme has come. We’d also like to extend a special thank you to Startup Today for publishing our Semi-Final announcement on their website.

Reception for the competition was phenomenal. Thanks to coverage from our friends in the  media for the support and encouragement. S J [Global] was inundated with hundreds of  applications. We also recorded the highest amount of traffic on our website as a result. It  was not easy to shortlist our semi-finalists; however, we believe these bright sparks  exhibited the most creativity, determination, and emotional balance out of the bunch,” –  said Neil Walsh, Group Managing Director of S J Global, and member of the executive panel.

If you’d like to read the full post on Startup Today‘s website, please click here.


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