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Allow us the pleasure of introducing our US-based partners, The Rosenthall Group, and Polaris Energy.

CEO of The Rosenthall Group, Robert Rosenthall said S J Global and The Rosenthall Group will go a long way in revolutionising currency, funding, and financial information in many of the African countries. Together, we have formed the Bouillon Bank of Africa.

Our other partner, Polaris Energy of the Washington DC area, developing and deploying innovative, sustainable energy solutions. Ecstatic about the partnership, Chief Financial Officer Eugene Reeves said:

“After extensive research into S J Global, we found some mutual interest and several key areas in which we could create synergy.

“So we formed a JV [joint venture] and are very excited for the dynamic partnership.”

If you’d like to hear more from Robert and Eugene, you can watch the video below. 

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