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Finding the right investment partner is an important decision and you need to find one that matches your need, offer the correct services; you are comfortable with and one that you can trust. Likewise, when we partner with a company, we must make sure we can add value to your business. 


S J Global Investments Commodity Trading is based out of our Dubai office with additional offices in Zurich and the United Kingdom. Being geographically situated in the UAE and Europe provides us with global access to benefit from the commodity market, from agriculture products, natural resources such as oil and gas and to precious metals, soft commodities and perishable goods. This combined with our connections in banking and transport means we can facilitate transactions or take a stake where we feel we can add value.

Working with our commodity and operations teams we will work with you to provide the extra support you require to increase your credit lines enabling you to increase the size of your transactions and in turn increase profit.


From small and medium enterprises to institutions and project funding, we are well placed to support your business in many different ways.

S J Global Investments looks for unique opportunities whereby we will support our clients by making a straightforward investment or business loan, provide additional securities to increase underlying value, or in some cases act as a facilitator to help you secure the funding required by your business.

Where project funding is required, you will work with our in-house consultants who will carry out full due diligence on the project and produce a risk assessment report. Sourcing project finance can be a challenging and lengthy process. Once we have carried out an initial review of the project, we will work with you to arrange the project funding.

As with all companies and projects
S J Global Investments is involved with, it is the ethos of our values to be involved with opportunities which benefit the world we live in, whether this is creating jobs to reducing the amount of plastic waste.


Our trade finance team is based in the UK and Dubai and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in international trade and banking.

There are many different forms of trade finance. Services we provide depend on the nature of your business and the geographical locations you are dealing with.

The most commonly used instrument for trade finance is a Letter of Credit or Stand by Letter of Credit as these are Legally binding, internationally recognised and ensure a secure settlement.

Other methods include but are not limited to bank guarantees and bonds issued by a bank as these demonstrate to your contracting partner that you are able to settle your obligations.

To discuss your trade finance requirements with a member of our team, or any other of our services, please contact us.


From company incorporation to business administration, we can assist and support you in incorporating both in the United Kingdom and overseas. You will benefit from our in-house team who have extensive knowledge of varying jurisdictions and will be able to guide you through the steps required to incorporate in your chosen jurisdiction.

S J Global Investments has offices in the United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Far East and Africa. Having a presence in these locations means we are well placed to cover most jurisdictions worldwide and have the relevant individuals across the globe to be available at all times.


Through our network of partners and collaborators we have helped businesses to grow by sustaining successful business models which have had a positive impact on their social responsibility goals.

Along with securing financing, we are able to provide professional services in helping businesses with planning, development and execution of projects. Due to our global locations we can assist businesses with their projects where they may not have the resources to gain the relevant licenses or permissions due to the jurisdiction.

Our unique financing strategy enables us to utilise our current assets to enhance and support our clients existing structures and strengthen their borrowing capabilities.

This unique approach has proven to be very effective and has allowed many of our partners to implement their business strategies and projects in an efficient manner.

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