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COVID-19 Statement: In these challenging and uncertain times, we at S J Global Investments want to reassure you that we are still open for business whilst taking the necessary precautions in line with government advice and our focus remains on our clients. As always, your best interests are our main priority.

Whilst the volatility of the market is unsettling, S J Global Investments is committed to keeping our clients regularly informed as the situation changes and we welcome any inquiries you may have.

The economic implications of this situation are yet to be fully understood, but we do not believe this to be a repeat of the 2008 recession. In any eventuality, we have the utmost belief in the strength of our business and team to weather these challenging times. We are agile, responsive and our experience in the market informs our decision-making process. We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt as the market evolves.

We are committed to withstanding and prevailing through these economic conditions. Our message remains, we will get through this together. #WeAreSJG


S J Global Investments is committed to finding and developing the best solutions for our clients, both existing and new. Whilst most of the world has been subject to restrictive measures, we have been unrelenting in our approach and worked diligently from home to protect the best interests of our clients and team.

It is clear to us all, that the world as we know it has changed and will continue to change as we overcome this pandemic together. Government responses show a desire to reinvigorate economies across the world and encourage businesses to create new ways of working that increase productivity whilst prioritising safety.

Our years of experience, persistent work ethic and voracity for excellence stand us in the best possible stead, to artfully and efficiently navigate the coming weeks, months and years. Our leadership team are masterful in their stewardship and assure all our clients that we will rebound successfully from this together.

Beyond getting back to business, as an organisation we are making a concentrated effort to improve the world we live in for communities worldwide.

Our work with the Umbrella Foundation and Project TRACK is more important than ever. We provide development opportunities for women and young people in the UK and Uganda – with the intention of fostering an environment that allows the next generation of business leaders to thrive.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns has put the world at a standstill. We have taken time to pause and consider our impact on the world and ultimately, our legacy.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients for their patience, collaborative effort and understanding during this time and wish the best of health to all.

COVID-19 Statement

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