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In case you might’ve missed it, we launched our Young Apprentice competition last week (September 3, 2020). We’ve been very fortunate to be featured in a couple of publications, including Caribbean News Global Media. Here is a snippet of the article featured on their website. 

The number of unemployed young people in the UK has rocketed over the last six months, with some regions reporting a rise of over a quarter. The scheme will help to create jobs and equip the winner with what they need to create jobs for others and also expand their business mentoring.

“As a company, we cannot sit back and do nothing. The world has changed drastically, and we have a duty to help. I’m hoping the apprentice scheme will create jobs, and change the lives of a number of young people, as the winner takes the reigns and builds a long-lasting business that can survive any financial climate,” says group managing director Neil Walsh.

You can read the full article on Caribbean News Global Media’s website now. Click here.

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