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S J Global Young Apprentice 2020/21 Programme


S J Global Investments Worldwide Ltd is a leading global investment firm that manages multiple investment verticals, that include property and real estate management, private equity, green energy, infrastructure, commodity trading, financial instruments and is in the process of establishing private capital hedge funds. S J Global works with strategic partners across all verticals and is shortly to launch a Joint Venture multi-faceted financial services group in Sri Lanka.

S J Global are investors with an ethical vision, our aim is to generate positive investment returns by formatting a disciplined and measured approach, working with high-quality people, whilst pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and ensuring our interests are in alignment with those of our investment partners and the countries and projects that we invest in.

Our business model enables S J Global to build and provide a full range of services with our clients and partners across our verticals and investment opportunities. In addition to providing access to finance, S J Global can offer a full range of worldwide company incorporations, accountancy and legal services, HR and Health and Safety advice, information and guidance as well as providing strategic directional vision.

Our balance sheet gives us the ability to work with our partners across multiple jurisdictions and allows us to develop new investment strategies and support existing ones to grow, develop, and fulfill expectations.

S J Global Investments is domiciled in London and Dubai and has companies, offices, and representatives in 27 countries worldwide.


Our vision is to continue to be one of the world’s leading global investment companies that support and recognises projects and initiatives that will have a great impact on the future generation to come. Ranging from social empowerment all the way to positive environmental impact, the future is key.

“We consider many opportunities, but our philosophy is to look for opportunities which not only generate profit for all but also have a social impact and benefits the world we live in. By taking this approach, we create a legacy for future generations.“. We’ve launched a foundation which provides development for disadvantaged women and children across the world.


Our mission is to ensure the projects and initiatives we support are sustainable, impactful, innovative and outstanding.


Our ethos is based on supporting ethical investment projects using a wide range of tools, resources, and advanced technology to grow a sustainable future whilst ensuring the highest level of integrity and professionalism is maintained.


We are qualified, professional individuals who have extensive experience spanning across multiple industries, including investments, banking and finance and professional services which compliments and adds value to the projects and initiatives we support. Get in touch to learn more.

As we begin to emerge from the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, S J Global Investments is committed to finding and developing the best solutions for our clients, both existing and new. Read our full statement.

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