S J Global Investments is an established family office based in over 25 countries. About – S J Global Investments

Our ethos is to provide the highest level of professional services to existing and new clients. Combined with traditional values and a modern outlook on business, our highly skilled team of in-house experts can provide support and guidance for businesses at all stages of their growth and development.

The company’s core traditions go back to the ethos of our Founder and have been carried forward with the aid of the current Chairman and his executive team. Working closely with our clients, we provide them with the support they require, whether it is financial or simply advisory enabling them to thrive and realise their full potential.

We believe business relationships should be based on trust and by fostering those relationships is how we achieve long term success between us, and our clients and partners.

Working with a diverse range of institutions from government level to large corporations we have formed strategic partnerships and joint ventures in a multitude of industries ranging from mining and oil and gas to agriculture to name a few.


Our vision is to continue to be one of the world’s leading global investment companies that support and recognises projects and initiatives that will have a great impact on the future generation to come. Ranging from social empowerment all the way to positive environmental impact, the future is key.

“We consider many opportunities, but our philosophy is to look for opportunities which not only generate profit for all but also have a social impact and benefits the world we live in. By taking this approach, we create a legacy for future generations.“. We’ve launched a foundation which provides development for disadvantaged women and children across the world. 


Our mission is to ensure the projects and initiatives we support are sustainable, impactful, innovative and outstanding.

About – S J Global Investments


Our ethos is based on supporting ethical investment projects using a wide range of tools, resources and advanced technology to grow a sustainable future whilst ensuring the highest level of integrity and professionalism is maintained.


We are qualified, professional individuals who have extensive experience spanning across multiple industries, including investments, banking and finance and professional services which compliments and adds value to the projects and initiatives we support. Contact us today to learn more.